Lay Ministries

Among the ways you can serve at St Paul’s, we offer: 

The Choir

A faithful band of singers offers choral music most Sundays under the direction of our organist-choir director Paul Blanchard. Rehearsal is on Sundays from 8:25 to 9:35 am. New members are tunefully welcomed. (See a picture of the choir on the Organist and Choir page.)       


Chalice Bearers (Eucharistic Ministers)

Vested lay ministers offer the sacramental wine during Holy Communion. Training is by the priest and licensing is by the bishop.


Those with good, strong reading voices are invited to join the rotation for the readers of the weekly Scripture lessons on Sunday.


The acolyte assists the priest before and after Communion, rings the Sanctus Bell, carries the Cross during the Procession, and attends to the candles.


Our “Ministers of Hospitality” are often the first faces of St Paul’s that visitors see. Their useful work is by monthly rotational assignment.

Altar Guild

A dedicated band of women, but also open to men, our Altar Guild maintain the items needed for our worship and also arrange the flowers at the altar.

Lay Ministries Schedule


Schedules for eucharist assistants, acolytes, lectors, and ushers are sent via email and postal mail to those who are serving in the next month. If you are not receiving your schedule, or you wish to convert from postal mail to email, please email with your request.


Eucharistic Visitor