Reach for Home

The Reach for Home Programs are based on four main pillars: Outreach, Emergency Housing, Permanent Supportive Housing, and Rapid Re-Housing. The goal of our programs is for our clients to create a path to find long-term housing, generate income, and build functional life skills. The Reach for Home staff teams with clients to meet important milestones on the road to stable housing. Case Managers create personal action plans, provide living spaces, and teach families and individuals life skills. Clients work with case managers to overcome barriers that kept them from being permanently housed.


The Outreach team visits clients daily with the number one goal of building trust. Next, we meet their basic human needs by providing shelter, food and supplies. We transport individuals and family clients to medical and mental health appointments, and work to help them gain a source of income


Rapid Re-housing

Clients enter Rapid Re-Housing via referral by Sonoma County Coordinated Entry. The goal is to help clients improve their income profiles, so they can return to financial independence. While receiving decreasing amounts of short-term rent subsidies over a period, clients acclimate to budgeting, rent, and being self-sufficient before they successfully return to paying market rate rents.


Emergency Housing

Reach for Home accepts clients who are referred by Sonoma County Coordinated Entry. We offer emergency beds and a safe place off the street. The Emergency Housing phase lasts up to 6 months as clients prepare for Rapid Re-Housing or Permanent Supportive Housing.


Permanent Supportive Housing

We provide PSH to the most vulnerable chronically homeless individuals. These people enter our system via referral by Sonoma County Coordinated Entry. Clients work with our Case Managers and a clinical team to remove barriers to finding permanent housing. The goal is to decrease unnecessary hospitalizations and enable independent living.


Community Partners

Corporate partners make large initiatives and fundraisers possible. We believe that support from individuals and public/private businesses is necessary to solve homelessness in North Sonoma County. Take action today and become a Reach for Home partner. Send an email to


Your donations can help homeless families return to permanent housing and self-sufficiency. Donation dollars allow us to provide much-needed access to mental health, medical services, and supplies for homeless individuals. Please consider supporting the homeless and at-risk in your community by donating today. Click on the “donate” button at