Pastoral Services

The Rev.: Sally H. Hubbell

Hospital Visitation

Parishioners are asked to inform the office immediately if they, or other members of the parish, are admitted into the hospital. The priest will visit and administer the Sacraments of Anointing and Communion without delay. Other members of the St. Paul’s community will also visit regularly for prayer and companionship.


The priest at St. Paul’s is available for personal counseling by appointment through the parish office. Matters to be discussed are most often of a spiritual nature, and the priest may help in referring individuals to other professionals for certain issues.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a regular feature for those who have developed a “Rule of Life” in living the Christian life. Confessions can be heard in church or in the priest’s office. Matters dealt with in Confession are absolutely private. (Private Confession is not required before Sunday Communion in the Episcopal Church.)


Please see the Weddings page for details on planning a wedding at St. Paul’s.


Adult candidates for Baptism should contact the priest for special instruction.

Baptism is normally celebrated in the course of the Sunday service, not as a private family event. In the case of children, parents and sponsors must be baptized Christians and committed to membership in a church. Parents are expected to be active members and commit themselves to raise the child in the Christian life.


The death of a member of St. Paul’s should be immediately reported to the church office.

Please read Funeral Guidelines 8-2012.doc (PDF) for details on funerals at St. Paul’s.